We are wedding photographers who want to capture your wedding story.

wE’VE PHOTOGRAPHED OVER 100 WEDDINGS TOGETHER. 100% HAPPY CLIENTS. SO yeah, we kind of know what we’re doing.

We’re Joel + Sammy Kuhn, high school sweethearts who love love and capturing it any way we can. We are total best friends and thrive off of each others strengths to make up this thing called 28 North. One thing’s for sure – you will get amazing photographs of your special day, but we’re going to do everything we can to make this the best freaking day of your life. Because you deserve it.

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about joel

Hey there. I’m Joel and I crave adventure and making friends wherever I go.  I’ve been fortunate enough to turn my love for story telling into my profession and this art has taken me across the country and around the world. I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it is to work alongside my wife and do something that pushes us creatively every day. I’m a workaholic, so if it weren’t for her I’d probably work through lunch every day and have Chipotle for dinner every night (not sponsored, just a crazed fan… but also wouldn’t mind being sponsored, @Chipotle). Drumming and dance parties are two of my favorite hobbies- you’ll often find me blasting Ellie Goulding, simultaneously head-banging while shedding a few tears. She just gets me. I love getting to use my different gifts to serve others. When I’m not photographing and editing for 28 North I’m volunteering for a nonprofit Sammy and I help run. I head up all of our creative projects and am always trying to find new ways to support our 53 Ugandan world changers. I’m a total optimist and seek to see the best in every situation, which usually looks like bringing some laughter when it’s needed or telling a bride that dress she spent $3,000 and spilled red wine before the ceremony looks better like that anyways. When I started my own business in high school I never dreamed I’d be where I am now and man, I wouldn’t trade this for the world.

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about sammy

Hi friends! I’m Sammy, the wife half of 28 North.
I am completely crazy about my husband and the dream that we’re living together. Not every part of our job is the most exciting thing in the world all the time, but working from our cozy house, watching Parks and Rec at lunch and traveling to some of the prettiest places on the planet all alongside my best friend is pretty rad. I’m the girl who wakes up in the morning to jump into a workout., follows it with an RX Bar and healthy smoothie bowl. And then chases it all with Reece’s Puffs for lunch. I’m a list-maker, surprise-lover, gift-giver and I’m really bad at sharing my food (it’s a work-in-progress, sorry Joel). I’ve always wanted to run a marathon but I’m currently only at mile 3 so if you have any tips please fill out our “reach out” form and let me know what I can do to make it past the 3-mile mark (lol). I love any excuse to celebrate people which is why birthdays are my favorite days. If we’re friends, I probably love your birthday almost as much as I love you. There’s just something about celebrating people and making them feel loved that really gives me life and energy. Our wedding was my favorite day in the history of the world – a giant dance party with my closest friends and family? Talk about a dream. Just to warn you - You might find Joel and me on the outskirts (or the middle) of the dance floor at your wedding because dance parties just make something inside of us come alive. I want your wedding to be your greatest day ever- one that makes you come alive and one that you remember through amazing photos for the rest of your life.

We’ve known each other since middle school.
Joel’s heart melted when Sammy walked through the doors of their church youth group in the 7th grade dressed up as Dorothy.

Uganda holds a special place in our hearts.
We help run a nonprofit called Saving Grace in Uganda and go there every year (to learn more visit www.savinggraceinuganda.com).

Joel could eat Chipotle for every meal everyday of the week.
Sammy is not quite as devoted to Chipotle, but has major heart eyes for donuts.

We have seen every episode of The Office and Parks and Recreation.
Sammy might’ve cried during both series finales (as in she totally did) and we were super sad when we finished them.. Now we don’t know what to watch. Send help.

We love working together.
Our job allows us to encourage each other’s creativity and push each other to never stop learning.

Sammy is an introvert.
Joel is 100% extroverted so we balance each other out really well.

Our dream is to see as many cities as we can.
We love experiencing new places and have a running list of all the spots we want to go. We’ve checked off a bunch but we’ll never stop exploring.

Life isn’t always as beautiful as the photos we capture.
We’ve both been through some really hard stuff in our lives, but we are grateful to have the assurance that God works all things together for good (and He really does).

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