Kristen and Ian | Gainesville Wedding

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Kristen and Ian’s love for each other and excitement for marriage was evident throughout their entire day. The way Ian looked at his bride said everything about the way he cares for her. One of our favorite parts of the day was their beautifully intimate first look – it was one of the most incredible moments we have ever witnessed. We were honored to be a part of such a special day. Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Tully!

A review from the groom:

“When planning our wedding, my wife and I agreed on 3 mandatory topics from the very beginning:
1. We wanted to have affordable, delicious food
2. We wanted to have an affordable, awesome DJ
3. We REQUIRED fantastic photography

I’ll admit, the food was affordable, but didn’t blow my socks off. And I’ll admit, the DJ was phenomenal but compromised our budget. However, I’m more than happy to admit that our photographers, 28 North, not only met our budget, but vastly exceeded our expectations in both quality and experience. Let me expound.

Quality: No where in the South East (Read that again. I’m talking Tennessee and south, not just Florida) can produce the quality of their photography for the price they offer. Their portfolio available on their website wasn’t shot in ideal conditions with paid models. I know that because my wedding (And I’m guessing yours as well) will have hiccups along the way, and I still think a few of our photos even eclipse some of their previous work. When it comes to quality, this power couple does a great job at delivering consistent work that meets or exceeds expectations.

Experience: Weddings are some of the most intimate and treasured moments in a couples’ life. Obviously, you want to remember these moments throughout the rest of your life, hence you’re hiring a photographer. That being said, the last thing you want is some third-wheel making any of those intimate moments even a drop less intimate. Without a doubt, I believe Sammy and Joel are actually weightless spirits that can phase in and out of reality. I kid you not, there are photos of me and my bride-to-be laughing, crying, and talking to one another on our wedding day that I have no memory of a photographer being near us. Joel and Sammy both balanced excellent timing in their shots without ruining or interrupting the beauty of our treasured day.

Sammy and Joel were recommended by friends of ours, which, as I’m sure most people can admit, can be a huge hit or miss. My wife and I did extensive research into their experience and portfolios, looked over their pricing structure, and decided to take the opportunity to utilize their services for our March wedding. Almost two years later, my wife and I both agree, for the price 28 North Photography charges for their services, we essentially robbed them, as the value of their work is peerless.” – Ian