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We absolutely love getting to photography Brianna and Michael’s wedding in the Mulberry in New Smyrna Beach! We became fast friends with this couple and they’re two of the kindest people we’ve ever met.

Their wedding was feature on Orange Blossom Bride - see the full article here or read the excerpt below:

It was Brianna's dream to have a Christmastime wedding, and Michael was on board to make this dream become a reality! Each color in their Christmas inspired color palette represented something different. Red is their favorite color, green is both a winter color but also a natural color that they wished to incorporate into their floral. White is the color of celebration, and then finishing it off is Gold-which is their last name! 

As for the personal wedding details, there are plenty! The guestbook was actually a box of post cards from places that have special meaning to both of them - places they have lived, places they have visited or places they wish they could visit  (Brianna may have snuck a Hogwarts postcard in there!). Then, their cake was special because it incorporated Michael's last name of Gold and Brianna's maiden name of Berry. They had gold fondant "dripping" down the cake and then blueberries and strawberries placed on the different levels. In addition, three blueberries formed a hidden Mickey Mouse as Michael and Brianna met working for Disney and still work there to this day!