Brooke and Hunter | White Rock Canyon Wedding

28°38’35.4″N 82°14’44.8″W

Sometimes when you want the perfect venue for your wedding, you have to build it yourself. At least that’s what Brooke and Hunter did. It was a privilege to photograph the first-ever wedding at the stunning White Rock Canyon and to watch it grow into a highly sought after Florida wedding venue. Brooke and Hunter are the type of people who didn’t cut corners when it came to their venue or their relationship. Their intentionality made their day unique and meaningful in so many ways. It was an absolute joy to see this day come together and these two tie the knot. And how sweet it was to make friend along the way. Cheering these two on always.

“Photographers are SO important for your wedding day, and great photographers ( A.K.A 28 North ) are the difference between reflecting on your day with regrets or loving every aspect of your day. You can only keep a few things from your wedding day and photos are #1, besides your spouse ;). My husband and I could not have picked a better team to capture our day. Sammy and Joel were kind, energetic, focused and magical. They brought so much fun to our wedding and we were just happy to have them there. After all of the excitement and fun settled they dropped our gallery, and it brought everything back to life. Their presence will make your day and their photos will make your wedding! We can not rave over 28 North enough. They are the best!”