Eric and Taylor | Venue 1902 Wedding

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We knew Eric and Tay from college and their story is a sweet one. If you’re around them for more than 10 seconds you’ll see the way Eric pursues Tay relentlessly. That was one of our favorite parts of their wedding – at any moment you would see Eric giving Tay a quick kiss on the cheek or just smiling into her eyes so she knew without a doubt that she was the only thing on his mind. Their marriage is beautiful and points to Christ. They are both incredible people and are going to change the world together!

A review from the groom:

“My wife and I spent so many hours looking for the best photographers for our wedding. After looking at hundreds of photos and comparing styles we landed on 28 North for our wedding!

We ABSOLUTELY made the right decision. I cannot say enough about these two. Joel and Sammie made us feel so natural during our photos. It really helped me to not feel like someone was taking photos of me. They brought so much joy to our wedding day and just blended in the background to allow us to enjoy all the moments of our wedding day. They truly are so wonderful and I haven’t even mentioned one thing about their actual photos!

My wife was so worried about the photos and that they would come out the way she hoped. I mean you only get one day to get the photos and you have them for the rest of your life. After we received the photos, she would not stop looking at them! She loves them so much and has them all over our new house! Every single photo was perfect for us. We are so happy with the moments that they captured. We went on our honeymoon and before we even got back, they had all of our photos done and ready for us to have them! Less than 2 weeks! I have some friends that had to wait 2-6 months to get their photos back. If you do not use 28 North, you are making a mistake. You do not want to miss having these two at your wedding. They add so much to your day while capturing every moment perfectly.” – Eric