Crysta and Kyle | Cambodian-American Wedding

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What a wedding weekend full of celebrating. We loved getting to learn about and experience the wedding traditions of the Cambodian culture – it really is something unique and special. It was beautiful to see not only two cultures come together, but two families truly embrace each other. Plus, the eight-course dinner was truly a first for us (that’s right, we sat down and had an eight-course meal at their wedding). These people are genuine and sweet and we wish them all the best in their new adventure together!

A review from the bride:

“The wedding photographer was the first big decision I made after getting engaged. We didn’t even officially set our date until we picked the photographer, because it was so important. I spent hours scouring Wedding Wire and The Knot trying to find a photographer I liked also at a reasonable price, but it was really hard. Wedding photography is already expensive, and ours was going to be a two-day ceremony! Not easy. 28North kept popping up on my facebook newsfeed from weddings of friends of friends, and I am so so glad it did. I loved their style, and they were absolutely the most reasonably priced photographers I could find for the quality they represented. I was so relieved when they were available for my wedding weekend! I felt safe back then in the knowledge that they’d capture every important moment from our wedding, and looking at my photos now, I have zero regrets. We had a Cambodian ceremony as well as a traditional American wedding/reception, and Joel and Sammy were super patient with learning how to photograph something different—and they were also super patient with my huge overbearing family and their obsession with posed photographs.

In addition to being great at what they do, Sammy and Joel are also great people to be around and good at making their subjects feel less awkward—important since your photographer is there for pretty intimate moments. My husband hates being photographed, but Joel made it much easier for him to relax and get through it. I was sobbing at our first look, and I don’t think I even noticed that Sammy and Joel were there.

They’re organized and professional and nice and the best/easiest decision you could make for your wedding! Contact them!” – Crysta