28 North Photography Questionnaire

Bride's Phone Number: *
Bride's Phone Number:
(Even if we already have it please!)
Groom's Number: *
Groom's Number:
Be as brief or elaborate as you would like!
What do you want the day to FEEL like? What kind of vibes have you always imagined this day having?
Example: DIY items, family heirlooms, colors, flowers, bridesmaids dresses, grooms attire, and so forth.
(e.g. What time will you be putting your dress/suit on? Is there a set time for anything happening during preparation?)
Bridesmaids + Groomsmen
Are you exchanging gifts/letters?
If you are seeing each other before the ceremony, do you want to do all the formal group pictures beforehand as well?
Recommended Formal Groupings, check those that apply:
We typically take all family formals immediately following the ceremony. Unless it's something you don't want, we always get a photo of the bride and groom individually with their parents and each sibling.
Additional Groupings:
We recommend limiting these shots to only ones you are pretty sure you will care about later on so that we better can take advantage of great light for your romantic portraits. (*These groupings may be requested when the bride and/or groom's parents are divorced and do not wish to be photographed in small groupings together.)
(Totally fine if you don't have ideas)
(Parents and siblings) We love being as personable as possible!
(Parents & siblings)
(e.g., the kiss is happening in the middle of the ceremony)
(e.g. the church does not allow photographers to enter the aisle)
(Either or both)
If they're a coordinator of your venue(s) or more of a family friend please specify!